Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Spent a little while reading about the impending doom. No not hurricane season, the purchase of Marvel Comics by Disney. The thing that freaked me out (besides the wolva-mickeys; I do like the spida-mickeys though was the idea that the heroes who were traditionally based in the real world and all of itís problems were now part of the happy, happy joy joy world.

The things that most people missed was that Disney is actually a fairly progressive company in many areas. They embrace all cultures, all people, all money. Diversity is great as long as youíre smiling while you accept the questís Visa (official card of Disney Resorts) for their purchases.

The merger will be a good thing for both companies. Marvel gets a company that can leverage the heroes in an organized way. Disney gets a boy-oriented set of characters that they can now merch as well as the Princess and the Fairies. They both get to cash in on the new wave of Comic Action movies that bring in the cash even if they arenít the best, but have enough fanboy service to keep the core talking them up.

Personally I canít wait for when the contracts are up with Universal. I think the imagineers and Marvel will have a great time in the Savage Land portion of Animal Kingdom, or the Marvel Pavillion in EPCOT and Adventure Land will never be the same.


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