Thursday, November 12, 2009

Managing Multiple GMail Accounts

See this guy gets it. If you have multiple accounts, you want an easy way to manage them. But MailPlane just costs too much for what little it does. And it would break functionality that typically works otherwise.


Personally I think that it's Prism for Firefox FTW.

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Customer Service Rant

There is an article over at the marketplace site about customer service and whether the customer is always right even in these times when we seem to be looking for the lowest price. There is a comment that it depends on the price. The higher the price the better we expect customer service. I don't disagree, but don't fully agree with that idea.

I think that we have all started to expect the bad customer service so that when we find we need it we won’t be disappointed.

On top of that so much of what we buy has become commoditized to the point that we didn’t care where the product came from or where it was purchased.

The rare “new” thing is what now commands the premium and only for a short period of time unless you are willing to pay extra for the customer servicce (see Apple’s AppleCare as a prime example)

When the majority of folks think they are doing well again we may begin to uncommoditize more of our purchases and expect better service that we are willing to vote for with our dollars.

In the mean time we need to look for the niche companies that still care but don’t have too much of a premium on their product’s cost and hope they (and we) survive.

Portions of the above were left as a comment on the marketplace page listed above. Don't like it. Get your own blog!